Canon CN-E 50mm T1.3 L F Cine Lens

The Canon CN-E 50mm T1.3 L F Cine Lens is an EF-mount standard-width lens for Canon's C-series cinema cameras, for full-frame EOS DSLRs, and for any video-capable cameras that accept EF-mount lenses.


The aperture is a fast 1.3 and lets you get superior shots in low light. The diaphragm is made up of 11-blades and is as round as can be, and along with the fast aperture it can produce impressive bokeh and beautiful circular highlights. The diaphragm ring is stepless, is super-smooth, and is fully manual, even when used with a DSLR, offering evermore accurate handle.



- EF Mount Prime Designed for Cine-Use

- For Canon C-Series and Full-Frame DSLRs

- 11-Blade Rounded Diaphragm

- Stepless and Manual Diaphragm Ring

- 300˚ Barrel Rotation

- Superb Available Light Performance

- Strong Bokeh and Circular Highlights

- Supports 4K Recording Quality

- Swaps Easily with 24 and 85mm Relatives




3.590,00 EUR* + PDV

* Sve cene su izražene u evrima, bez PDV-a. Plaćanje u dinarskoj protivvrednosti po prodajnom kursu NBS-a na dan uplate.