Tilta FF-T04 Film Dual Follow Focus

The Tilta FF-T04 Film Dual Follow Focus is a dual-sided follow focus unit for use in studio setups as well as location filming. It is designed to work with lenses that feature incorporated gears and internal stops. The unit snaps onto 19mm studio support rods, which allows you to adjust the position of the follow focus without having to remove other rod-mounted accessories. The unit is belt driven to reduce the play and high spot resistance found in many gear-to-gear driven follow focus units. It features two hand wheels, one for the operator side, and one for the assistant side of the camera. The included extension allows you to clear large matte boxes with the hand wheel.



- Mounts on 19mm and 15mm LWS Support Rods

- Internal Belt Drive Sytem

- Operator and Assistant Hand Wheels

- Drive Extension for Clearing Matte Box

- Integrated Index Mark

- Conical Marking Disks

- Includes 5 Interchangeable Drive Gears

- Industry Standard Accessory Socket

- Includes Whip, Crank, Hard Case





1.795,00 EUR* + PD

* Sve cene su izražene u evrima, bez PDV-a. Plaćanje u dinarskoj protivvrednosti po prodajnom kursu NBS-a na dan uplate.