Tilta Red One (Mysterium-X) Camera Rig

The ES-T09’s features include a precision-machined anodized aluminum body that rises above competitors in its price range and class.


The ES-T09 Red One Camera Rig is designed for use with the Red One MX Camera.  It comes with a top handle with top mounted 19mm rod adapter, a 19mm baseplate with a 15mm adapter, and Arri standard 12” dovetail plate, and a 19mm LCD adapter.



- Precision Machined Anodized Aluminum

- Top Handle with Top Mounted 19mm Rod Adapter

- 19mm Baseplate with 15mm Adapter

- 12" Dovetail Plate (Arri Standard)

- 19mm LCD Holder

- Includes 19mm Rod Pairs (200mm/250mm{2}/450mm)

- 19mm Rod Extension Screws




from 1.102,00 EUR* + PDV

* Sve cene su izražene u evrima, bez PDV-a. Plaćanje u dinarskoj protivvrednosti po prodajnom kursu NBS-a na dan uplate.